Algorythm What?

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Algorythm Radio is a random music generator app. It composes and performs a near endless and unbroken stream of new and original music, tailored to the listener's needs through the selection of one or more genres. It is currently in development, and is not yet available to the public.

Algorythm Radio will be available for all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

"Algorythm Radio can compose more tracks than there are stars and planets combined in the known universe."
"If every human that is ever likely to exist were to individually listen to Algorythm Radio for the amount of time that the known universe has existed, the chance of the same song being played twice is unimaginably small."

Features – What Can't it Do?

Let's start with what it can:

Minimal Storage

Despite the unbelievable quantity of music available through this app, it will not require a great deal of data storage space. This means you will be able to take your near unlimited collection of music with you where ever you go without needing to carry a backpack full of SD cards.


The user will be able to choose one or more genres at a time from a vast selection. If more than one genre is chosen, Algorythm Radio will fuse the genres together. This fusion can be anything from simply mixing between tracks from different genres, to blending them into entirely new genres. By the date of release there will be a number of completed genres available, and many more will be made available after release.

Save Tracks

Generating new music isn't all you will be able to do with Algorythm Radio. You will also have the chance to save tracks you like, so you can listen to them again later, or create play-lists of your favourite tracks generated by Algorythm Radio.

Name Tracks

If you are the first person to ever listen to a track that you save (and you almost certainly will be!) then you will have the opportunity to name the track and to put your own name to it as well, so people know that you discovered it.

Share Tracks

Whether you choose to name a track or not, you will be able to share the tracks you like with your friends and the rest of the world with incredible ease. The tracks themselves are only several bytes in size, so you can email one from your phone without cutting into your data allowance!


A regular Algorythm Radio chart will tell the world how popular your musical discoveries have been.

Create Mixes

Algorythm Radio comes with a built in mix maker, which generates mixes of a particular length, either from randomly generated tracks, play-lists, or both.

Set Styler

To turn Algorythm Radio into an even better DJ, you can create a schedule for your genre and tempo changes using set styler. This allows you to just press play and go enjoy your party, leaving Algorythm Radio to bring down the tempo and stick on the relaxing music when it gets to that time of night.
"In the amount of time it takes you to walk to the local shop and buy a pint of milk, Algorythm Radio can compose more original songs than currently exist."


Visit our Development Updates page to hear all the audio examples from Algorythm Radio and the various genres that have been developed so far.

For a brief overview, the playlist to the right contains a small selection of these example tracks from various genres. Please feel free to comment on any of the examples, either directly on soundcloud, or through one of our social media outlets.

"Algorythm Radio can write more original tracks than all the organisms that have ever lived on earth (this could be taken in two different ways, both are true!)"


Peter is the founder and programmer for Algorythm Radio. He has a long–standing passion for music and has explored many aspects of it, including performance, instrument design, composition, production and sound design. He studied music performance and music technology to degree level and has worked as a professional sound technician.

His other passion in life is programming, a pursuit he took up several years ago while experimenting with software synthesis, digital signal processing and algorithmic composition. About a year ago he combined these two interests, exploring the idea of a computer programme that could compose unlimited music.

And it was then that Algorythm Radio was born.

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"Currently, Algorythm Radio will produce over 18 billion–billion tracks per genre."