The Turing Test

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Before revealing any Algorythm Radio audio examples to the public, I decided to perform a test. I uploaded some tracks made by the app to a Soundcloud account, pretending to be just any regular artist. In fact, if anyone where to read the artist description, they would see I was claiming to be a two piece band, playing live acoustic instruments with effects.

There are three tests going on here all at once:

Test 1: The Turing Test

One of my aims is for the music generated by Algorythm Radio to be indistinguishable from that made by real human musicians (unless the genre in question needs to sound computer generated of course), so I am keen to see if any listeners on Soundcloud have any questions regarding the origin of the music.

This test has similarities to the Turing Test devised by Alan Turing in 1950 (check this link for more information on the Turing Test). If the music passes test 1, can I consider Algorythm Radio to have artificial intelligence? Food for thought!

This test will be a test of Algorythm Radio’s compositional skills!

Test 2: Acoustic Instruments

Because I was feeling particularly bold when I uploaded the music to Soundcloud, I decided to make some outrageous claims. A read of the artist description reveals that the music was made by a two piece band playing acoustic instruments with some effects. Is this pushing my luck? I don’t know, but if I pass this test as well, that’ll be Turing2!

This test will be a test of my own synthesis design skills!

Test 3: The Most Important Test!

Regardless of whether people can tell that the music was computer generated, the most important test is whether people actually like it! We’ve all heard plenty of tracks composed by real people that were truly dreadful haven’t we? I’ve certainly had some friends who’ve cleared an open mic night or two.

Who cares who made the music? The important thing is whether it gives your dancing neurones a major static shock!

I won’t reveal yet where these tracks are, as I wish to give the experiment a little longer, but when I’m ready, I’ll post a link in a future blog.

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