General Development Update

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In the last few days I’ve been making some major improvements to the way Algorythm Radio is put together. The main area that needed upgrading was that, up until now, all the genres have been built into the app itself. As I plan to continue to release new genres after launching the app, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to make the genres into plug-ins, and so, that’s what I’ve done!

Not only is this a vast improvement to the workings of the app, but has also removed a major headache that I’ve been experiencing recently while developing the genres… phew! No longer are all the genre instruments and parameters crammed together, and no longer will changing an instrument potentially bugger up another genre. They are now completely separate entities, that meet only when Algorythm Radio smashes them together to create a form of fusion more powerful than we have ever experienced on the face of the earth!

Now this is out of the way, you can expect to see more genre examples flying out the door, and I am yet another step closer to the finished app!

Upcoming genres:

  • IDM (the dance music variety)
  • Techno
  • Drum and Bass

Report back soon to check these out!

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