Automated Development


Over the course of the few last months, I have stepped back from working directly on the app. Instead, I have been developing some tools and concepts that I think will be of great use to the future of Algorythm Radio. One of these tools, which I am very excited about, is to help the computer learn how to create certain types of instruments. Up until now, I have been crafting the random instrument generators by hand… but with this new technology that I have been working on, I will hopefully be able to let the computer design the random instrument generators by itself. While this has taken a bit of time to get going, I can assure you all that it will be well worth it in the long run. Once it is up and running, development of the genres should speed up dramatically!

After finishing this tool, I have ideas for similar tools that will help speed up different parts of the genre development process… Exciting times lie ahead, I will keep you all posted!