On this page, you will find audio examples that showcase recent developments. As development progresses, the content generated by the app will change and improve. As a result, the examples bellow may not be available in the final release. To make it up to you, all example tracks and mixes will be available for free download from soundcloud.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on anything you see here, either directly on soundcloud or via one of our social media outlets. All constructive feedback is welcome.

Examples In The Works:

– Algorithmically Generated Instruments
– Techno
– Jazz
– Classical
– Drum & Bass


These are the first examples made using our new random instrument generators. These generators will be built upon during development, just as the rhythm and melody generators will be, so you can expect a much wider range of instrument sounds for each genre than what you can hear in these examples. The mixing and mastering algorithms have also been greatly improved.

World Lounge

This is the first genre that we developed to the point that I was happy to release some examples to the public. Out of the first 6 tracks we created with this genre, 5 of them sounded great, and the other one was listenable. Being so early in development, I think that’s pretty good odds! Here are the 5 out of 6 that made it through.

Electro Rock

This is a genre that accidentally mutated from an early version of techno. We hadn’t planned it, the app just created something similar one day, and we went along with it. In a way, the app itself played a hand in creating this genre.


This is our first plunge into intelligent dance music. It’s a style that is quite well suited to being randomly generated, but that doesn’t mean you can just let rip with the randomness and assume that everything will turn out good. You have to randomise with some finesse. There is a massive world of sonic exploration to be done here, and we have a long way to go before we can be satisfied that the algorithms have explored far enough into the depths of IDM, but this is the first small glance into the darkness, and we are pleased with the results so far.

Random Music Generators

These examples show off our new random instrument generators. This is an exciting new feature we have recently finished adding to Algorythm Radio. These examples are from our test bed, and do not play proper songs, but instead generate a new set of instruments every time they repeat the measure of music.